Frequently Asked Questions?

Do we charge to come and perform?  No!  We donate our time, talents, and even gas money to travel and perform for women all over the valley.  We do also have to buy costumes, microphones, cords, crab box, music, etc. so we DO accept donations to go towards these items.  But we are happy to come and share our testimonies of the Savior through music, dance, and the spoken word.

Where do you travel? We have traveled from Ogden to Spanish Fork and everywhere between.

Do you have advertising materials?  Yes.  We have a number of images you can print off that are just photos, or that have places to add where, when, time, information to a poster type image.

Are we endorsed by priesthood leaders?  Yes.  We have had many bishops, high councilmen, and stake presidents that have come to our performances to "check us out". :)  Each has always approved what we do, and endorse our message and program.

Do we accept donations?  As mentioned above, we do not charge a fee to come and perform, but yes, we accept any donations.  This helps the program moving forward in the future, buying costumes and music and mics.  Many times a ward donates whatever little they had set aside for the activity, or individuals who feel our message is worthwhile have donated to our cause.  Thank you!

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