Scheduling a Performance

Schedule us for your next Ward or Stake Relief Society or Young Womens Meeting!
Our 2016 schedule is located in the next tab. If you would like to schedule a performance 
If you don't receive an instant reply, don't panic, we will try to get back to you as soon as we can.  Keep in mind that we are limited to 1-2 performances a month and they do fill up fast! Also, we do not perform in July or August.

If you would like us to perform, we ask the following:
  • THAT YOU HAVE AN AUDIENCE OF AT LEAST 2 WARDS & also YW if wanted,  for a larger attendance.  There is a lot of set up & preparation, & we would love to share with as many women as possible! This also cuts down on others hearing good reviews after a performance and the other wards in the building calling us to come back to the same place.  :)
  • HAVE THE STAGE AREA CLEAR OF ALL ITEMS even behind curtains, swept/mopped if possible (we are usually barefoot), and curtains and lights are checked for proper functioning.  (Many times lights are burned out and part of the stage is dark and doesn't allow all to be seen.)
  • Once you have scheduled a performance, you CAREFULLY READ THE EMAIL SENT BY ANDREA ON NEEDED ITEMS TO PERFORM (i.e. microphone stands, clean stage, etc.).  We also will send a program to you to be printed beforehand, as well as the "Introduction" you can use when beginning the program.  If callings change before the performance, PLEASE PASS ON ALL INFORMATION TO THEM AND US for clarification.
  •  TRY TO SEE A PERFORMANCE before we come to your area, so that you can advertise with knowledge & better understand what we do. This is not mandatory, but it is hard to describe the program without having seen it, & you can give your wards/stakes a better insight as to what they will be seeing.  Many afterwards have said they would've invited someone they knew had they known this program is a great missionary tool, & is a unique, non-threatening event to invite anyone to!
  •  FYI-There are many schedules we clear just for your performance, arranging our families, carpools, events, etc., as well as other performance requests we may have to turn down for each performance, please keep your date once scheduled.  We have had many priesthood endorsements based on past performances, and every time we have been approved with flying colors.  We also have been given permission by the Stake President from the area we rehearse, to perform.
We want things to be as efficient as possible when we perform at your location.  Knowing the time it takes on both ends to make this work, it is so important that the things mentioned above are taken care of in advance. Thanks for your consideration in this matter. :)  
We look forward to performing in your area soon!

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