Nov 5, 2009


If you have questions about who we are or what we do...
this article

There were a few mistakes in the article we would also like to clear up. 
Number one:
Stephanie Finch was the founder of the Diamond Dance Company (she is no longer with us).  We want to credit her for her efforts in pioneering this great work!

Number two:  We have never charged a fee for performances.  Donations are appreciated and accepted.

Number three:  We have three amazing singers that weren't mentioned.  They are Tiffany Rhoton, Ashley Hoyal and Julia Lindsay.  Our program would not be the same and would lack so much if they weren't a part of our group!


Anonymous said...

Hello I saw the article the Deseret News. I graduated from the Modern Dance Dept. at the UofU. My plans for dance were to create an LDS dance company similiar to what you are doing. Seeing this article made me feel very inspiried and filled with joy to know that my dream already exists. I would really love to join you guys and help out any way I can. I have lots of ideas (sponsors or grants, choreography, school) that I can bring but I am willing to work with a group and hear other ideas. Ha Ha I feel like this is a resume or job interview. You can contact me at

Jaree Whipple

Megan said...

I was SO excited when I read this article in the paper!! I've been a dancer all my life and I'm currently a dance teacher here in Sandy, but I have deeply missed the opportunities to perform since I was married and became a mom. I've been searching for an opportunity to be part of a team again and further develop my talents...and most of all, use them in service of my Heavenly Father. I'm so glad to see there are others just like me who share these same feelings! I would love to get some more information about your company if I could please! you can email me at
Thanks again!!

Megan Bouck